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        Xiamen (a.k.a. Amoy or E-mng to the locals) is one Fujian province's most beautiful coastal cities. Situated at the mouth of Jiulong River, the city of Xiamen encompasses Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Islet and Tong'an County (mainland). Being one of China's first special economic zones, it is well developed in infrastructure and diverse in culture.
         Salty sea breezes and sunny days abound, making the city a popular tourist destination. During the summer months temperatures frequent the high thirties (around 100 oF) driving sweaty locals and holidaymakers to the swimming beach to cool off. Although surrounded by beaches, some of Xiamen's shores tend not to be patrolled or a little grubby. Swimmers are advised to join the masses at the official swimming beaches. 
         Aside from its generous tax-cuts for foreign investors, Xiamen is probably best known for Gulangyu , an islet accessible only by ferry located off Xiamen Island's south-western coast. Cars are forbidden on Gulangyu and foot traffic prevails, although there is a small armada of electric powered golf buggy-style vehicles on hand to whisk leg-weary or less budget conscious tourists between scenic spots.

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