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RS232 - Communication protocol

The LCD module with RS232 serial interface communicates directly to the Customer's main system board. The default transmission speed is 9600bps with +/-10 VDC signals. LCD Receive Protocol The LCD module is always in standby mode. It will wake up after the customer's main MCU sends any available data. ............        


Moves cursor to the beginning of the next (or previous) line.
Clears the display and puts the cursor at the top left
Moves the cursor one position to the left and clears that position.
Read module type  

Clear display

Return home  
Turn on block (blinking) cursor  
Turn on underline cursor  
Turn off cursor  
display on  
display off  
Cursor left  
Cursor right  
Auto LCD scroll on  
Auto LCD scroll off  
Scroll display one character left RS232 LCD module  
Scroll display one character right
Set cursor position  
Backlight on  
Backlight off  
Initialize wide vertical bar graph  
Initialize narrow vertical bar graph  
Initialize horizontal bar graph  
Draw vertical bar graph  
Draw horizontal bar graph  
Define custom character Extend RS232 board for all standard character LCD module  
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