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                  We have ripe production process and skillful technicians, also own powerful technical           support and  quality proof system. We make high quality LCD products to meet the various           demands of users
                 We test all the modules one by one after assemblage, then choose some pieces to test again.            With the strict test system, our percentage of defects is less than 0.5%. Faulty goods will be            replaced, and we will send report to customer.
           Our procedures/testing details:                           Quality assruance document dowload
Total quality management  
Statistical quality control  
Standard procedures for corrective action  
supplier qualification testing  
Design review  
Calibration testing  
Qualification testing  
Accelerated life testing  
Temperature testing  
Humidity testing  
Transportation testing  
customer feedback procedures  
Internal quality audits  
Operator and staff training programs  
Document controls  
            Our RoHS QC system is audited by Aov testing once every half a year.
            Our ISO9001 QC system is audited by our inner auditing group once every half a year
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