Powering Global Technology 19 Years With Longtech Displays

From Europe to America, Asia-Pacific and beyond, we at Longtech are proud to be the trusted partner for tech manufacturers and service providers worldwide.

New Technology

We lead with cutting-edge innovations, shaping the future of display technology.

Competitive Pricing

High quality meets affordability in our competitively priced products.

One-Stop Solution

Your one-stop hub for top-tier, diverse, and customizable display solutions.


Where Innovation Meets Excellence: Inside Longtech's Manufacturing Process

Peek behind the curtain to discover how our state-of-the-art LCDs and OLEDs come to life. Witness our commitment to quality, as we adhere to stringent international standards, seamlessly weaving innovation and expertise. We walk the extra mile, so you don’t have to compromise on quality or standards. Join us for a fascinating tour of technology at its finest.

custom display

Uniquely Yours: Longtech’s Custom Display Solutions

Customization is key in today’s tech-driven world. Longtech understands this need and offers custom display solutions that are as unique as your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a particular size, resolution, or performance level, our experts will work with you to create LCDs and OLEDs that seamlessly integrate into your specific application. Let’s craft solutions that put you in the spotlight!

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Why choose us

Why Choose Longtech?

Diverse Product Line

With a broad array of LCD and OLED solutions, we cater to every tech requirement.

Unwavering Quality

Our products meet international standards, embodying top-tier quality and consistency.

Competitive Pricing

High quality meets affordability in our competitively priced products.


Our production is flexible and will meet your requirement of ordering varying quantities.

Exceptional Service

Our customer service team ensures a seamless, professional experience.

Trusted Partner

Clients trust us for our reliability and unwavering commitment to their success.

Featured Projects

Innovation Unleashed: Longtech's Display Solutions in Action

Yealink IP Phone

TOP 1 Market share by IP Phone Unit Shipment

With Longtech's sleek and efficient displays, enjoy brilliant visuals, outstanding energy efficiency, and the pinnacle of display technology.


What they say about LONGTECH

"From concept to production, Longtech has been with us every step of the way. Their highly skilled engineers worked closely with our team, ensuring our unique display requirements were met with high precision. We couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome."

Daniel Kim Product Manager

"We switched to Longtech for our display needs a few years ago, and we haven't looked back since. The quality, the pricing, and the service we receive are unparalleled. They truly understand our needs and deliver every time."

Sophia Turner Chief Technology Officer

Longtech's displays have been a game-changer for our product line. Their innovative solutions have helped us enhance the user experience and stand out in a competitive market. We highly recommend Longtech for all display solution needs."

Eric Johnson Product Development

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