LCD, TFT, OLED Display Manufacturer in China with one stop solution

As an industry-leading display manufacturer, Longtech provides all types of display solution for your projects.

Longtech offers high-quality displays, innovative technologies, stronger manufacturing capacities for large and low-volume orders, and favorable prices won us, happy customers, worldwide with long-term cooperation.

Custom Display Solutions

Work with our engineering specialists to design the ideal display for your application. Custom cables, interface choices, connection changes, and PCB modifications are available, as well as touchscreen add-ons, custom-cut cover glass, and optical bonding.

Quality Exceeds Industry Standards

We strive for perfection in offering great display goods and creative solutions. To continually exceed client expectations, we focus comprehensive inspections, rigorous testing, and an uncompromising pursuit of continuous process improvement in accordance with strict ISO standards.


Quality Standards

Exceeding Certification Benchmarks

We promote environmental sustainability and quality through ISO 9001 certified goods. Our Products meet the medical (ISO 13485) and automotive (TS-16949) industries, ensuring quality and safety while adhering to RoHS, REACH, and Conflict-Free standards.


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Longtech Optics, A Top Level Display Manufacturer

Longtech is a China-based display manufacturer specializing in LCD, LCM, TFT, OLED and Custom Displays for all industries.

Over the nearly 20 years, we have emerged as a trusted partner to tech manufacturers and service providers.

Why Choose Longtech For LCD Display?


Our production is flexible and will meet your requirement of ordering varying quantities.

Short Lead Times

Sample orders have a lead time of 1-2 weeks, while bulk orders have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Exceptional Quality & Support

Our products meet international standards, embodying top-tier quality and consistency.

A Few Steps of Our Production Process

There are more than 30 steps for the production process of display and here only a few typical production steps are displayed. 

Longtech's Display Solutions

With Longtech’s sleek and efficient displays, enjoy brilliant visuals, outstanding energy efficiency, and the pinnacle of display technology.

What they say about LONGTECH

"From concept to production, Longtech has been with us every step of the way. Their highly skilled engineers worked closely with our team, ensuring our unique display requirements were met with high precision. We couldn't be more satisfied with the outcome."

Daniel Kim Product Manager

"We switched to Longtech for our display needs a few years ago, and we haven't looked back since. The quality, the pricing, and the service we receive are unparalleled. They truly understand our needs and deliver every time."

Sophia Turner Chief Technology Officer

Longtech's displays have been a game-changer for our product line. Their innovative solutions have helped us enhance the user experience and stand out in a competitive market. We highly recommend Longtech for all display solution needs."

Eric Johnson Product Development

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