High-quality is our top priority

At Longtech, we try to give the greatest quality items to our clients. This implies the Quality, Engineering, and Manufacturing teams are working together to surpass your expectations.

Premium Quality In Our Dust-Free Plant

Unparalleled excellence defines Longtech’s manufacturing process, led by our dust-free plant. Our rigorous cleanliness protocols guarantee faultless production, providing you with the highest quality display products. Our investment in advanced technology, coupled with a team of highly skilled professionals, reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional quality.

In-house Laboratory & Aging Room

Cutting-edge In-house Laboratory

LAB'S Test Equipments

Our advanced in-house laboratory serves as the cornerstone for our commitment to quality. Our expert team conducts meticulous tests on design, material, and performance, ensuring every product meets the highest industry standards.

Reliability in Our Aging Room

aging room's reliability tests

Post-lab validation, products undergo rigorous reliability tests in our dedicated aging room. These tests mimic real-world conditions, ensuring our displays are durable and reliable for various operational and environmental scenarios.

Industry Recognized Quality

At Longtech, we are proud of our distinguished quality assurance processes which have earned us recognition in the industry. 

We’re more than just a display manufacturer. We are your reliable partner, committed to delivering high-quality, affordable solutions that drive your business forward.

More Than Just an Display Manufacturer

Superior in-house production ensures quality and efficiency, unlike small factories with higher defect rates.

Small Factories

Small factories often outsource production, leading to unreliable delivery and quality. A common issue is the use of off-cut materials for polarizers.

Our Advantages

We boast in-house production lines with strict quality control, ensuring superior quality and higher efficiency. We use original, standard materials for reliability.

Small Factories

Outsourced bonding leads to electro-corrosion in small factories. Without secondary and tertiary cleaning, the defect rate increases, leading to unstable delivery schedules and uncertain quality.

Our Advantages

Our self-operated production lines ensure superior quality and higher efficiency.

Small Factories

Irregular aging processes in small factories result in high defect rates and frequent product failures.

Our Advantages

Our facility includes aging rooms and plug-in wiring products, guaranteeing over 8 hours of aging for every unit.




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